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Expert Repair Services

  • Is your Production Machine Tool down?

  • Is your Maintenance Department overwhelmed with work?

  • Having Trouble repairing your Machinery?

  • Do you need Machine Tool Repair services FAST?

RC Plath Company has expertise with disassembly, assembly, maintenance and repair of machine tools and machinery of ALL types.  We have decades of experience working with and repairing mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, CNC, and all Machine Tools and Machinery.

RC Plath Company's Master Craftsmen are available on a per-hour basis to be dispatched for onsite expert repair services.  Our first-rate team's shop rates are competitive for full-service, onsite repair of nearly ALL types of Machine Tools and Machinery.  Please Contact Us with your specific needs.



Expert Repair Services

We Provide Repair Services For:
  • Machine Tools
  • ANY brand of Windlass
  • WE WILL ATTEMPT to conquer your unique service challenges!

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