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Quality Metal Products

Since 1926

RC Plath Company is a pioneer in custom metal-forming, metal-stamping, and metal spinning using copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and other specialized alloys.

RC Plath Company specializes in the manufacture, service and repair of Marine Anchor Windlasses. The Plath line of Marine products has reliably served vessels for decades.

RC Plath Company has skilled craftsmen with years of experience with forming, pressing, stamping, spinning, precision CNC machining, and Precision Tool Making.

Made in the USA

RC Plath Company is Proud to be locally owned and operated in Oregon, USA.

 Popular & Best Selling Products

  • Plath Marine Products
    • Plath Anchor Windlasses (anchor retrieval systems)
    • Hand & Electric Motor Powered Windlass Models
    • Windlass models come in a range of capacities; for small boats to large commercial vessels.
  • Expert Repair Services
    • Repair all Windlasses, regardless of brand
      • Plath, Albina, ABI, and other Windlass Brands can be re-manufactured.
    • Machine Tool & Machine Repair
      • Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electronic, and Mechanical types of Machine Tool repair Expertise.
  • Spun Metal Products
    • Metal Spinning, Stamping, CNC Machining, and all related Machining processes.
    • Send Drawings for Estimate via email or Fax
  • Full Service Machine Shop
    • Tool, Die, and Tooling manufacture and customization
    • Custom CNC Machining
    • Press, Mill, Lathe, and other Conventional Machining
  • Please Contact Us with your specific needs.


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